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I usually begin by explaining that I am a conventionally educated and trained allopathic medical doctor. I continue to appreciate and respect many aspects of conventional medicine, especially in the areas of acute and emergency care medicine and surgery. However, when it comes to the treatment of chronic diseases, our conventional health care model, for the most part, is severely broken.

In my opinion, we have moved from trying to cure patients to focusing on searching for profitable ways to manage patients with mostly patented prescription drugs and sometimes questionable necessary surgeries.


Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field

EMF devices produce random, high intensity pulsed electromagnetic discharges that act as a catalyst to damaged or injured cell membranes. These pulsed electric magnetic fields produce immediate and durable therapeutic responses that can last for many days in only a single, ten- to sixty-minute session.

Far Infrared Saunas

Saunas have existed for thousands of years with nearly every culture intrinsically knowing it was something our bodies needed. These original saunas heated the body by heating the air to approximately 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The intense heat causes the body to sweat in a parasympathetic state.

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

EWOT was invented by Dr. med. Manfred von Ardenne from Dresden, Germany. He called it Multi Step Oxygen Therapy. Later, EWOT was developed, and finally LiveO2 adaptive contrast and standard systems was created by Mark Squibb, President of Whole Health Network, from Colorado, USA.

Ozone Device and Accessories

Ozone, sometimes referred to as the “Breath of God,” is composed of three molecules of oxygen. It is unlike the oxygen we breathe which is made up of two atoms of oxygen. A single oxygen molecule is very unstable. However, when a single unstable oxygen molecule binds with the two molecular oxygens we breathe naturally, ozone is formed.

External Counter Pulsation

ECP, or Enhanced ECP, is an FDA-cleared and Medicare-approved safe, non-invasive treatment for those with a variety of ischemic and/or other circulatory disorders. ECP therapy utilizes a series of three inflatable pneumatic (air) cuffs applied to the upper legs, lower legs and buttocks that inflate and deflate in a very precise sequence during the resting phase (diastole) of the heart cycle. 

Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration, like Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, comes from aerospace research. Keeping astronauts healthy in a zero-gravity situation is a challenge. Extensive research has been done on Whole Body Vibration regarding how to prevent the loss of bone and muscle by increasing the gravity force. 


So what is Cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is exposure of the body to very low temperatures. It was originally discovered by the Japanese in 1978 for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Later the technology was refined in Poland and Russia and now exists in the United States.

Multi Wave Oscillator

MWO was originally called the Radio Cellulo Oscillator (RCO). In 1931, the MWO was created in Paris, France by Russian physicist Georges Lakhovsky, PhD. At that time, many European clinics used his technology, i.e., Sweden, Italy, France, Russia, and Germany. 

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